Mozambique is a country in Southeast Africa, a former Portuguese colony that has been an independent state since 1975. This beautiful country is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, facing the island of Madagascar. Hunting grounds cover a large part of Mozambique’s territory and are comprised of vast lowlands and green savannas. The average size of a hunting area in this country is about 150,000 ha. Hunting is organized for all types of antelopes, such as saber, roan, kudu, bushbuck, blessbuck and others, as well as representatives of the Big Five.



Mozambique attracts visitors with a large number of national parks, located in the so-called Limpopo Great Cross-Border Park, which includes national parks in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe, e.g. Limpopo National Park, Zinave National Park, Banhine National Park, Maputo Elephant Reserve. An interesting place to see is the coral island of Mozambique, connected to the mainland by a 3-kilometer bridge. It has been a trading center for centuries. In the north of the island there are Stone City, the Fortress of Saint Sebastian, built in 1508, and the Nossa Senhora de Baluarte chapel.