One of the biggest hunting attractions of Spain is hunting ibex. There are four species: gredos, beceite, sierra nevada and ronda. Each one of them occurs in a different part of the country.  We offer horseback hunting, from stalking or from the driveway. In addition to ibex hunting, Spain is also famous for great collective hunting called monteria, organized for a large quantity of hunters. These hunts take place from October to February, and the distribution of a hundred deers, fallow deers, wild boars, mouflons on the parade is not unusual.



Spain has so many attractions to visit. Cities like Seville, Toledo or Barcelona have a quantity of monuments that are difficult to count. For those who want to see the remains of Arab culture in Europe, we recommend the Alhambra Palace in Granada. The palace consists of several courtyards, numerous rooms and several gardens. The Alhambra was the Arab’s last foothold in Spain.