The Marco Polo Hunting Agency organises hunts in both Americas: North and South. However, the list of game species is definitely different, as well as the type of hunting and the climate in both Americas. One thing always remains the same – the taste of the hunting adventure.

North America hunting is mainly in the Canadian Taiga for black bears (baribal), wapiti and moose. The latter imposes here the largest antlers in the world. The trophies of Alaskan moose can often reach over 40 kg.

Hunting with dogs for puma and lynx in the snow is also popular, as well as hunting for smaller fur-bearing animals.

South America has completely different wildlife and a another kinds of hunting. A very popular object of hunting expeditions is blackbuck and axis deer living in the vast pampas of Argentina, as well as water buffalo and capybara, staying mainly in wetlands. Bird hunting enthusiasts will find huge numbers of wild pigeons; a thousand or more pieces, in one day, is not unusual here.