The „Old continent” is where most of us start our first hunting trips. Hunting Agency „Marco Polo” organises hunts in almost all European countries, where only the hunting calendar and the law allow foreigners to hunt.

Those willing to participate in such hunts are welcome to come with us. We organise all types of hunts. Starting from fields bird hunting (Portuguese partridge or red grouse in Scotland), through lowland hunting for sika deer or munjacks, Balkan bears and wolfs, to high-mountain expeditions for chamois, marmots or Alpine ibex. We are able to prepare any kind of hunting expedition.

Hunting grounds are always selected individually. On most hunts, we have a professional guide and a representative of our office as interpreter and expedition assistant. 

For most hunters, hunting is also a time for relaxation. We always select our hunting lodges so that they are not only close to the hunting ground, but also provide comfortable conditions for staying and resting after a successful hunt.