The largest continent in the world has a very rich hunting offer, which will satisfy even the most demanding hunters. The size of Asia means that we can meet animals from extremely different climatic zones. From Siberian roe bucks on the sunny steppes, bears or giant moose from the cold reaches of Kamchatka to goats and Marco Polo sheep from the highest peaks of the Altai or Pamir mountains.

Asia also offers hunting of different nature and specificity. Lovers of bird hunting will certainly fall in love with the rolling of the capercaillie and black grouse, hunters dreaming of huge trophies will fulfil their dreams in hunting the maral, Kamchatka moose or the world’s largest ibex from Kyrgyzstan. Hunters looking for rare specimens can only take the opportunity to hunt for markhor in Tajikistan or Dagestan tur.

Hunting in Asia is a real „men’s adventure”. Mountainous regions are crossed on horseback or by snowmobile. Accommodations are often prepared in a trapper’s hut or a shepherd’s yurt. Here, life goes on according to the rhythm of nature, and magnificent views complete the Asian expeditions with “rifle in hand”.