The largest country in the world invites all hunting lovers to huge specimens and also beautiful birds. The far outskirts of Kamchatka are encouraged by the possibility of hunting big moose and the largest brown bears in the world. Siberia offers hunting for huge Siberian deer and typical for this area stone capercaillie. The European part of Russia is a paradise for lovers of spring bird hunting, i.e. capercaillie, black grouse, woodcock, hazel grouse or ducks and predators such as wolves or lynxes.


Russia is full of all sorts of attractions. The Russian cities, like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, are as well as lakes, mountains, beaches and forests. The best solution for those who want to get to know entirety Russia will be a journey by the Trans-Siberian Railway, which starts in the capital city and ends in Vladivostok, located on the other side of the country.