Czech Republic


Czech hunting mainly concerns such animals as: fallow deer, Dybowski deer, mouflon and hunting on the whistle – during the rut season of sika deer. The latter was brought here from Japan (as in all of Europe), while Western Bohemia is the place with the largest population of these animals in all of Europe. Characteristic for this species is that the stags during the rut season do not roar, but whistle (hence the name), and the male fights are so fierce that in addition to the antlers, they also use forward legs to attack the rival.



Park Narodowy Skalne Miasto, Praga

Every visitor to the Czech Republic should definitely visit the capital of the country – Prague. The city is drowning in the number of monuments, interesting buildings and galleries. For people who rather avoid the hustle and bustle, we can recommend a trip to the Rock City. It is the most beautiful part of the Table Mountains on the Czech side, rich in beautiful rock labyrinths and other interesting forms of sandstone.