Australia and Oceania, because of their geographical location, have the largest number of endemic species, meaning that they are only found in this area and nowhere else. This situation makes hunting on the described continent very attractive and unusual. The exotic and different nature is definitely an additional attraction for a hunting expedition to this most far-away area on the hunting map of the world.

Australia is mainly famous for hunting swamp buffalo and alligators, which can be found in wetlands and humid rainforests. Most of the hunting is done in boats adapted to navigate the swampy areas, called hovercrafts. Hunting expeditions are also organised for species such as: forest tur, banteng, dingo and Australian red deer, the so-called sambar.

New Zealand attracts deer hunting enthusiasts from all over the world. On this island, there is a population which has naturally created specimens of unprecedented, gigantic antler size. Stags weighing around 18 kg are commonplace here. One can imagine the roar of such deer in the scenery of the „Lord of the Rings”. It is breathtaking….